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Our production

Started in April 1999 with the first production of short pasta, followed soon after by the production of long pasta, Valdigrano can count on 5 roduction lines, 19 packaging machines and automated logistics, controlled at every stage by a central computer. The company covers an area of 22,100 square meters, including 13,900 square meters of covered area used as production facility and warehouse.

A breakthrough also made possible by the constant commitment for research and innovation. One example is the third production line of short pasta, developed with the advice of Valdigrano experts, and that turns to be among the first of its kind, able to integrate the mixing and drying stages.

A true success, evidenced by growing figures of Valdigrano even in a sector like that of pasta that, today, is currently experiencing a difficult period. In ten years the company has increased six times its production capacity, from 16,000 tons in 1999 to 103,600 tons in 2013, and increased more than 20 times the turnover, from 3.5 million Euro in 1999 to 76 million in 2013.

The range of Valdigrano products includes pasta from durum wheat semolina, egg pasta and while wheat and organic pasta.

The organic line brand Valbio is a very interesting and growing sector, representing about 10% of current production, with a range that includes up to thirty shapes. In Italy the demand, rising, comes especially from the catering sector (schools and hospitals), but is expected to become soon an interesting segment in the retail sector, as already happens in other European countries like Germany.

The catering sector constitutes a significant segment for Valdigrano, as it covers 25% of its whole production. This is a particularly demanding sector in terms of product and company, but characterized by a high level of customer trust. Valdigrano in this area has been successful thanks to the quality of the product (particularly high in protein and good cooking properties), and above all excellent logistics services in terms of both timeliness and delivery accuracy.

In 2009, Valdigrano has launched a new challenge to the dried pasta market with the new brand Valdigrano Qualità Superiore. A change in the company production, positioning itself on the high-end market, specifically for the most demanding and aware customers.

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