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La Pasta Valdigrano qualità superiore

Valdigrano qualità superiore

Pasta Valdigrano Qualità Superiore

Latest of the Valdigrano products, Valdigrano Qualità Superiore is made of 100% durum wheat semolina Kronos® to and enhances all the features of this variety of wheat, among the finest in the world: high protein (14.5 g) and gluten content, which provide excellent cooking properties and its typical deep yellow colour.

Valdigrano Qualità Superiore has a pleasant taste, with a strong character and all the flavour of wheat: not a mere support to the sauce, but a real ingredient, indispensable for the proper balance of flavours.

For the most demanding and aware customers, Valdigrano Qualità Superiore is available in 19 different shapes and is ideal for anyrecipes, from more traditional to more creative and innovative ones, thanks to its ability to enhance the flavour of sauces used.

Its origin

Valdigrano Qualità Superiore is the result of a pasta-making tradition that has lasted 60 years and combines the best of the culture of pasta and its processing. Passion, experience and family tradition as a guarantee of quality for a real "First Choice Pasta."

Valdigrano Qualità Superiore is an integrated project of the supply chain, born thanks to the involvement and collaboration with Molino Grassi, who directly manages the cultivation of Kronos wheat and the relevant production of semolina in Italy, the only one in our Country authorized to use the name Kronos®.

All the reliability of Valdigrano combined with the experience of Molino Grassi to provide the consumer with the freshness and purity of raw materials, thanks to the professionalism and sensitivity of two operators specialized in high quality products and productions.


For the production of high quality pasta, the choice of proper raw materials, water and wheat is crucial. The quality of pasta in fact depends on the type of durum wheat and the characteristics of the semolina obtained, and is affected by the quality and protein, but especially gluten, content.

The Kronos durum wheat variety selected for La Pasta di Franciacorta is one of the best in the whole world for milling and pasta-making characteristics, in particular for its protein content (14.5%) which, causing the formation of gluten (about 90%), ensures excellent cooking properties.

Starch and gluten, in fact, are the main components of the pasta, responsible for the transformations that occur during cooking, thereby determining the final result and so the actual quality of the pasta. The high protein content, and consequently the high gluten content, inhibits the release of starch during cooking, so as to preserve both the flavour and texture of the product. The organoleptic characteristics of Valdigrano Qualità Superiore testify its top range quality: bright yellow coloured, no dots or dark shadows, smooth and silky to the touch, cracking sound at break and smooth and glassy fracture.


Valdigrano Qualità Superiore is available in 19 different shapes to fully meet all types of dried pasta consumers requirements, and is distributed in practical and elegant 500 g packages.

Valdigrano Qualità Superiore - Formati


Valdigrano Qualità Superiore is currently distributed in the best stores and food & wine shops of the area of Brescia and Bergamo, to enhance the uniqueness and the link with the Franciacorta land, and in the major GDO chains.

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